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Sail Boats

Lithium Ark Holding is developer and patent-holder of the Greenify Lithium process, which is the most environmentally sustainable process in the refining of Lithium. The process is also unmatched for its low capital equipment expense (CAPEX) and superior OPEX performance.

The company was founded by Peter Ehren, a Lithium process expert who has worked with some of the leading lithium companies in the industry, including SQM in Salar de Atacama (Chile); LPI in Salar de Maricunga (Chile), Allkem in Salar de Olaroz (Argentina); Ioneer in  Rhyolite Ridge (Nevada), to name a few.


The company is squarely focused on process development in the refining and conversion of lithium feedstock into battery-grade Lithium Hydroxide. Our process is adaptable to handling a range of feedstocks, including:


  • Lithium Chloride

  • Lithium Sulfate 

  • Lithium Carbonate TG

  • Recycled Battery-Material (“Black Mass”)


We develop and provide flowsheets, including mass and heat balances, to our customers to reduce development time in each application.

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